Yew Grove Apothecary ~ CBD & extract essential oil

Yew Grove Apothecary ~ CBD & extract essential oil

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What is it?

An MCT oil base (contains coconut oil), slowly infused with organically grown hemp flower, naturally high in CBD, CBDa, CBG and CBGa, boosted by lab tested, CO2 extracted, CBD isolate, enhanced by organic Sativa extracts.

DO NOT smoke or vape


~ 2000mg plus 1000mg full spectrum extract = 5.0 mg CBD + 2.5 mg extract per drop***

* CBD 99.9% pure, CO2 extraction

*** assumes 0.05 ml per drop. Hence, 20 ml / 0.05 ml = 400 drops per bottle

What's it good for?

This essential oil is a tonic to:

  • calm the digestive system
  • protect and relax the nervous system
  • reduce inflammation & pain
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve one's sense of well-being, alleviating depression and anxiety

This essential oil will calm the nervous system while boosting energy, creativity and clarity of thought.

For more information on the ingredients we use in this oil see our blog.

How to eat?

Just like other essential oils, it goes well with sweet and savoury dishes:

  • a few drops added to you favourite smoothie
  • in hot drinks
  • added to yogurt, cereal, and dried fruit to create a wholesome snack

Please note this oil may be used topically for skin conditions by applying the oil directly or by adding to a bath.

How much to eat?

If this is your first try, no more than one (1) pipette full; then wait at least forty-five (45) minutes between servings

How strong is it?

Variable in strength. See bottle label for details.

Please note

Once opened keep in a dark cool place & consume within four weeks

DO NOT mix with alcohol

DO NOT smoke or vape

Net volume 20ml